Travel is truly one of my biggest passions in life. My adventurous spirit thrives on the excitement of going to faraway places, connecting with locals, and having the pleasure of experiencing their culture. The food, history, architecture, language, landscapes… the list goes on! Each place is unique in their own way and provides a different experience. But travel is so much more than a vacation to me.

You see, I think there is something truly transformative about stepping out of your comfort zone and immersing yourself in foreign spaces. There are opportunities to grow, heal, and learn a different life perspective that we may otherwise not have had in our familiar homes. I can wholeheartedly say that travel has played formative role in my personal development and made me a better person along the way.

If you have an open mind and wanderlusting soul, then we will surely be great travel buddies. Whether it’s a spontaneous weekend trip or an extensive backpacking experience, I am open to endless possibilities. The world is our oyster!

Fly Me To You Dates

Want me all to yourself for an evening, but unable to make it to Denver? Just say the word and I’m yours. I offer exclusive¬†fly-me-to-you dates for an overnight minimum plus a $1,000 travel fee.

Sponsor My Tour

Don’t see your city listed on my tour schedule? Consider sponsoring a tour! Book a 4-hour date minimum plus a $1,000 travel fee and I’ll come tour your city.

Upcoming Travel

Knoxville, TN 5/8 – 10

Atlanta, GA 5/11 – 12

Louisville, KY 5/13 – 14

Wanderlust Adventures

Below is a list of places I am dying to visit. I offer these trips at a discount as a thank you for anyone who helps me cross one of these destinations off my bucket list.

Domestic trips: 2 day minimum

Country music at the Bluebird in Nashville
Spend a sunny day on the water in Lake Tahoe
Experience the Kentucky Derby in Louisville
Explore the vast landscapes of Yosemite National Park
Rent mountain bikes in Moab, Utah
Snorkel in the Florida Keys
Attend the hot air balloon festival in Santa Fe

International trips: 5 day minimum

Take in the nature beauty of Banff, Canada
Hike in the majestic Switzerland mountains
Trek to Macchu Pichu
Savor authentic sushi in Japan
Catch a wave surfing in Indonesia
Road trip around Iceland
Visit Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia
Island hop in Greece