Screening is a necessary step in the reservation process to ensure my safety and comfort.

Your private information will never be shared with anyone and will remain safely guarded with me.

I have provided several different options for you to select from. Please choose one that best suits your needs.

1.) Provider References

I am happy to contact two provider references on your behalf.

Please note that these references must be someone you have seen in the past six months.

Please send the following information for a provider reference:

Provider name
Social media handle(s)
Email and/or phone number

2.) Employment References

You may send me one of the following options to verify your employment info:

A company website, business card, work ID badge, or LinkedIn profile, in addition to a state-issued government id.

3.) Preferred 411
You may send me a message or appointment request on P411. My ID number is P245998.

4.) Government issued ID or student ID

I am happy to accept an official ID as a form of screening.

Please send the following pictures:

A close up photo of your ID with the legal name viewable. You may black out other confidential info.


A selfie with you holding your ID to your face.