FAQ and Etiquette

What is your Covid safety protocol?
I am fully vaccinated and boosted, wear a mask in public, and take a weekly COVID test to mitigate risk.
Do you require screening? Why?
Screening is a requirement for all new friends. This process allows us both to feel safe and comfortable with one another. Rest assured, the information I ask for is minimal and will be kept confidential.
Will you travel to other locations for a date? 
Absolutely! Traveling is one of my favorite hobbies, so I am always willing to look at possibilities for a new adventure. Please inquire about specific dates, location(s), and duration of the trip.
Is there anyone you will not see?
I do not discriminate on any level. Instead, I appreciate diversity, welcoming all races, national origins, genders, and backgrounds.  My only requirement is going through my screening process, which does not bar anyone from any specific group or identity.  I am also happy able to accommodate special needs and disabilities with advance notice.